Focus on Farming


The project suports an agriculture and agricultural products awareness scheme involving local partnerships and organisations drawn from the farming and other community interests. The aim is to increase linkages and understanding between local residents and farmers through a range of events, promotions and initiatives such as farm visits. The scheme acknowledge the role of farming across the ages and how it has shaped the landscape, but focusses primarily on modern agriculture and its relationship with the wider area, community and markets.  Although there is a strong emphasis on food, attention will also be paid to other aspects such as animal and crop products, farm modernisation and diversification, biodiversity and local domestic species, farm conservation and wildlife, countryside stewardship, bio-energy, land-based skills and future prospects for training and employment. 

Upper Teesdale Agricultural Support Services are delivering a number of educational visits for local schools to local auction marts to teach them about the farming year.

Love Food are delivering a number of village picnics and apple days to encourage local communities to discover and investigate where their food comes from and increase the use of local food.

We have funded the editing of the independent film 'Addicted to Sheep', which follows the life of a tenant hill farmer in Teesdale and aims to highlight this way of life and showcase farming in this area. You can view the trailer here...

This project is now complete.

Project Photos