Rokeby - Poetry and Landscape


The Bowes Museum’s exhibition Rokeby: Poetry and Landscape; Walter Scott and Turner in Teesdale marked the bicentenary of the publication of Walter Scott’s poem, Rokeby. The exhibition was curated by Emma House, Keeper of Fine Art at The Bowes Museum, assisted by Michael Rudd, author of The Discovery of Teesdale. It explored the relationship between literature and art, the role Rokeby played in attracting artists such as J.M.W. Turner, Alfred William Hunt and William Callow to the region, and the importance of Teesdale to the development of landscape painting in Britain. The exhibition was accompanied by a catalogue, interpretation material, study aids and full programme of events including walking tours, poetry and painting workshops, which provided an opportunity to explore the region’s attractions and viewpoints in relation to the paintings and literature they inspired in the nineteenth century.
This project is now complete


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