The project encouraged and supported a range of learning events, workshops and activities such as walks which explored artists and individuals’ responses to the landscape, media and techniques used to interpret it, the use of natural products, and the role of art and crafts in local history and industry. This included, for example: famous artists, writers and photographers responses to the landscape; use of colour and light; natural dyes and pigments; natural forms and patterns as inspiration for design; specialist art such as botanical and architectural illustration; landscape design; use of local materials for paper making, weaving, carving, etc; traditional and folk art; natural soundscapes; cultural traditions and expression.

The project carried out a series activities for both adults and children:

  • Mapping the landscape
  • Turner's Yellow sunsets
  • Botanical drawing
  • Cotman on the Greta
  • Landscape and industry
  • Synesthesia
  • God's Bridge mentoring

 This project is now complete

Photos by Jill Cole, Matt Case and Robyn LeRoy-Evans.