Green Lane School Pond and Outdoor Classroom


Green Lane School in partnership with Friends of Green Lane and other groups created a pond, to encourage biodiversity and attract wildlife, as well as being a source for exploration and education for the children and local community.
The key works included clearing the site and altering the fencing so that the pond was secure, yet visible, excavating and shaping the pond, putting down an underlay and liner, filling the pond with water and plants, making good the edge of the pond with stones etc.
The area has matured well, increasing the diversity of the environment and habitats for wildlife. The outside area is now used for a wide range of educational activities including curriculum studies and extended school activities through the school’s Eco club and Nature Club.


As well as this the improved outside area has had a positive impact on Friends of School numbers. Many parents made further enquiries about how they could help after seeing the volunteer work the Friends of School gave when constructing the shelter, pond and supporting areas. The project has reminded staff in the school of the importance of using the outside area in their teaching. As well as this the project has sparked interest in other outside area projects. There has been further development in the garden area and a wild flower area has been planted.

This project is now complete

Project Photos