Kennedy's Ponds


Kennedy’s Ponds is a special site in Cotherstone adjacent to a public right of way which is a unique habitat for wildlife and gives great pleasure to the local community. The project aim was to maintain this special area to a high standard, and develop a long term conservation plan. This will ensure that the habitat for wildlife is preserved and increases biodiversity, and continues to provide enjoyment for visitors using the Rights of Way, as well as local schools. Volunteers from Heart of Teesdale and Teesdale and Darlington Naturalists Field Club have been undertaking surveys and small maintenance tasks. In the winter 2014/15 pond clearance took place.

Wild flowers on the site include Bearded Couch, Yorkshire Fog, Creeping Soft-grass, Tufted Hair-grass, Hairy Brome, Meadow Buttercup, Creeping buttercup, Annual meadow grass,  Soft meadow grass, Common sorrel, Common stitchwort, Cuckoo flower, Common mouse ear, Sweet vernal grass, Greater stitchwort, Shepard’s purse, Wavy bitter cress, Soft rush,  Cleaver and Lords and ladies.

This project is now complete.

Project Photos