The Natural History of the Tees Banks Woods


The Upper Teesdale Botany Group have updated and re-published 'The Natural History of the Tees Bank Woods', originally published in 1965, which is a guide to walks by the Tees between Barnard Castle and Cotherstone.  This was carried out by some members walking the paths and listing the plants, while others noted and listed birds, and others took photographs. The group listed what is evident now and compared it to the original, noted changes and updated the text as needed. The booklet has been produced to a higher quality with upwards of 30-40 colour photos and a colour map of the walk to make it more informative, interesting and attractive than the first black and white edition.  It is available through key local shops and other outlets in Barnard Castle and Teesdale. It is geared to local residents and visitors alike, especially those without specialist knowledge of local flora and fauna.

This project is now complete.

Project Photos