Bird and Farm Landscapes


This programme involves a unique blend of professionals and volunteers who work throughout the Partnership area, collaborating with farmers and the public to create a better understanding of the needs of the area's bird life, while at the same time improving habitats for the longer term.  The Mid Teesdale Project Partnership hosts a project officer on behalf of a project partnership to work with farmers, land owners and land managers: to advise and assist them in practical on-farm works to create valuable features, and restore and enhance existing habitats through improved management. The vision is to create and sustain a beautiful living and working farmland landscape, providing high quality habitat where priority farmland birds and wildlife will thrive.  The project fosters an effective partnership by sharing ideas, skills and expertise, and encouraging and making use of community involvement.  Young people and the wider public also benefit from schemes through farm visits and other educational activities.

The programme is now fully in gear following Mid Teesdale Project Partnership's appointment of Jennie Stafford to develop its conservation work throughout the Heart of Teesdale area. Jennie works with farmers, landowners, local groups and volunteers to promote farmland conservation surveys, and improve habitats and conditions for threatened farmland birds such as grey partridge, tree sparrows and barn owls. She is also managing a small grants scheme to encourage the creation of wild bird seed mix plots, restoration and establishment of hedgerows and the re-wildling of field margins. If you are interested please contact Jennie on 01833 628443/07866 235307 or

Project Photos