Historic Landscapes


The programme focusses on historical settings, buildings and features throughout the Heart of Teesdale area, with special attention to the key sites such as the castles, Egglestone Abbey, historic mills and bridges, or churches such as those at Barforth and Brignall.  It focusses on landscaping work including some restoration work, together with enhancements to the visual approaches and access, as appropriate. It also aims to raise awareness of other aspects of the physical and built heritage of the area, especially distinctive features such as field barns, boundary markers and signs, bridges, etc and encourage new initiatives to preserve these aspects beyond the life of the Partnership.

Projects completed include the restoration of Headlam Packhorse Bridge, the consolidation of a lime kiln in Abbey Woods, improved access to Bowes Castle and the improved fencing at Egglestone Abbey.

This project is now complete.

Project Photos