A Journey Through Teesdale


This project formed part of the Castle and Scar Top Programme. It complemented the overall proposals for Scar Top, with specific reference to the need to improve paths to and through the area, and move the Mini Golf course. The project involved a total renovation of the course. The facility was popular and attracted people on to Scar Top but looked tired. It presented an opportunity to make the whole experience more interesting and educational by including a Teesdale landmark or scene on each of the 9 holes, thereby effectively each round being a ‘Journey through Teesdale’, with specific reference to Barnard Castle. This cultural and heritage approach to the course was connected to the actual landmarks and history, and hopefully provides additional attractions, learning for the visitor, economy and all concerned.

A Stone Carving Workshop was held with young people from Teesdale YMCA. The stone features carved by local artist and sculptor Phil Townsend are now installed.
A ribbon cutting ceremony took place on 23 May and opened by the Town Mayor, Frank Harrison. The stone features include a memorial to the late town historian, Alan Wilkinson, who brought mini golf to Scar Top.

This project is now complete


Project Photos