Can you help us find wildlife sites to improve?

PUBLISHED: 30/01/2014

As part of our Lost Landscapes project we are looking for areas of habitat within the Heart of Teesdale area to improve and restore

These sites can be anything from ponds to woodland, as long as they have the potential to be good wildlife habitats.


Below is a list of the different types of sites we are looking for:

• A site that is of high biodiversity value but needs improving/management to maintain its value.
• A site that is currently ecologically poor but has the potential to be turned into a biodiverse site, with the correct restoration/management in place.
• Sites that used to be nature reserves/maintained habitats but are now no longer being maintained.
• Areas that are known to have protected species present but are currently not maintained.


These sites could be County Council, Parish Council, or even privately owned if the landowner needs help maintaining the habitat.


If you know of any such sites within our area, or know anyone who you think would be able to help us to identify these sites please contact Susie Lane, Community Officer 03000 264903 or


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